The Situation

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world suffer from the harsh and cold winters. With no way to keep warm, this time of year can even be deadly.

While we stay warm indoors, 1.7 million people die due to the cold every year.

Countries affected by climate change, whether drought-ridden or flood-affected, families have no way to protect themselves from the cold.

Together, we can ensure their lives are full of warmth. When you send a winter package to a family in need, you are providing relief and saving lives.

three kits smiling in winter hats

How is IDRF helping

Thanks to our localized approach, IDRF in partnership with local partners on the ground, has already begun a needs assessment and logistics to begin a response for winter relief. We are providing food and winter kits to families living in Palestine, Pakistan, Afghanistan.

Winter kits include shelter rehabilitation, winter clothing, heating supplies, food parcels, and hygiene items.

winter kit


winter supplies and food kit
to last through the winter