Yemen Urgent  Relief

Yemen Urgent Relief

Yemen is facing the world’s largest humanitarian crisis and is in desperate need of assistance. IDRF is on the ground providing essential life-saving humanitarian services to people living in makeshift internally displaced person camps throughout Yemen. 

The Situation

Yemen: world’s worst humanitarian crisis

  • War and internal conflicts have led to 3.56 million displaced people

  • 80% of population are in need of humanitarian aid and protection

  • COVID-19 pandemic spreading fast and far in a suffering population with low immunity and lack of sanitation and clean water access

How you can help

Food Relief

Over 24 million people in Yemen, two-thirds of the population, are in risk of serious health conditions or even death due to severe food insecurity.

Water Trucking

Ongoing problems such as the cholera and polio outbreak, poor hygiene conditions lead to a really low quality, and low access to water. We are tucking water to people who need it the most. 

Urgent aid is needed now more than ever.

Despite being in the center of the world’s most massive humanitarian crisis, the unmitigated spread of COVID-19 could devolve this crisis into a catastrophe. Please help us provide clean water, food, and essential health care services to the millions in need across Yemen.