Food & nutrition

Meeting basic nutritional needs can break the cycle of poverty.

We provide food security to families in vulnerable regions around the world. We educate communities about nutrition and sustainable food access to address hunger and malnutrition and their impact.



People do not
have enough food
to eat


of the population
in Africa face hunger daily


 of deaths in children
under five are due
to poor nutrition

The vast majority of them live in developing regions, in the most vulnerable conditions. With resources becoming scarce, mass internal displacement, conflict, and instability are imminent consequences. In order to reduce poverty in the long run, we must create opportunities to enhance food security. We must promote smart food choices and ensure sustainable measures are taken for these vulnerable communities.


    Food Aid in Lebanon

    The Beirut explosion has overwhelmed an already deteriorating socio-economic situation in Lebanon. There is an urgent need for food aid. IDRF is providing food aid to support families in need

    Food Relief for Yemen

    With 3.5 million people displaced and 80% of its population in need of urgent aid, Yemen is the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. IDRF is working with local partners to provide clean water, food, and essential health care services to the millions in need across Yemen.

    Syria Food Security