Emergency Relief
for Afghanistan

Emergency Relief for Afghanistan

The Situation

For decades, Afghanistan has been under despair, ravaged by cycles of conflict and violence. Recent, fast-moving political developments, along with ongoing and recurring droughts has forced hundreds of thousands of people in rural areas to flee their homes for city centres in search of support.
Because of the unstable political situation, economic supply chains are cut off, and many Afghans are being left to fend for themselves.
Many are currently living without food, water, or shelter. They are facing their second drought in three years, and approaching famine-like conditions. This situation may worsen depending on how the new political situation develops.

14 million people

are facing malnutrition and are in need of food

How IDRF is helping

In response, IDRF is providing immediate food and hygiene packages to families and individuals in the Mazar-i-Sharif, Kunduz, Sheberghan, and Kabul areas. Through IDRF’s rapid response, those in need will be given hygiene items, and food parcels to alleviate pressing food insecurity. We continue to monitor the situation with our partners and will adjust our response as needs on the ground become clearer. We pray for peace and the well-being of every Afghan.

Support our immediate and direct response:


Emergency Food Kits

containing necessary foods like rice, wheatflour, oil, pulses, green tea, milk powder, and salt


Hygiene Kits

containing items necessary for hygiene like shampoo, detergent, soaps, baby diapers, feminine hygiene pads, towel, comb, toothbrush, tooth paste, hairbrush, blanket

Zakat Eligible

Donate now to support IDRF in providing food to Afghans in need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of emergency response is IDRF leading with?

Food and hygiene to start, but we suspect medical aid and shelter to be secondary responses as we continue to evaluate the situation closely.

Which regions are you providing aid in?

We are currently working in Kabul, Mazar-I-Sharif, Sheberghan and Kunduz.

Is there an admin fee for my donation?

No. Our Afghanistan Emergency Response comes with a 0% admin fee for all donations

Are you working with local partners in Afghanistan?

Yes. IDRF’s localization approach continues to be at the forefront of our humanitarian response. We are working with a longstanding partner on the ground to deliver fast and effective emergency aid.

How long will it take for this aid to reach those in need?

Thanks to our localized approach, we have already begun procurement on the ground and emergency aid has already started to reach the people in Afghanistan.

Is your organization targeting a specific demographic with this emergency response?

While our intent is to provide aid to as many displaced civilians during this crisis – we are focusing our initial emergency response on women and girls as they are disproportionally affected.

Will I receive a tax receipt for my donation?

Yes. You can expect a tax receipt by mail unless donation was made on our website, in which case you will receive a link to an eReceipt immediately.