Urgent Appeal

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Your $100 donation can provide one family with an emergency kit

Urgent Appeal

How much would you like to give

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Your $100 donation can provide one family with an emergency kit

The Gaza Strip is facing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis.

The humanitarian crisis in Gaza has reached catastrophic levels. Since October 7th, over 40,000 Palestinians have been killed. Almost 70% of victims are women and children.

The entire population of 2.2 million Gazans requires urgent humanitarian assistance. Electricity blackouts coupled with severe water and food shortages have created a healthcare and sanitation crisis. 1.6 million Gazans have been internally displaced and face severe overcrowding, lack of privacy, and unsafe conditions. This threatens vulnerable groups like children, pregnant women, the disabled, and the elderly.

They need your emergency support now more than ever. 

How is IDRF helping?

Thanks to your overwhelming support, and our extensive history in Gaza, our teams have been able to provide civilians with:

Fresh Food parcels
Food Parcels
Daily water trucking services
Hygiene Kits
Medical Supplies
Psycho-social support

However, no amount of aid is enough.
In the midst of relentless aggression, the needs in Gaza continue to mount by the minute. Over 2 million civilians lack access to clean water, food, medical care, and safe places to seek shelter. With your continued support, we can bring a glimmer of hope to the people of Gaza.

Read our updated Progress Report on how IDRF has been working in Gaza since October 7, 2023:

Updates from Palestine

Gaza PsychoSocial Support

Amidst the rubble, our team is working hard, bringing a smile to children’s faces.

These are children who have faced more than we could ever imagine — violence, displacement, grief, hunger.

In addition to food and water aid, we are providing them with psychosocial support, to support them through this crisis.

Gaza Hot Meals

Every day, our team is on the ground in Gaza, serving over 1,000 hot meals to those in need. Thank you for all your support — your generosity keeps our mission alive.

This Ramadan, keep the people of Gaza in your duas 🤲


Gaza Water Distribution

Every day, we’re bringing 100,000 litres of clean drinking water across Gaza. In the midst of famine and critical shortages, our team in Gaza is doing everything they can to support their community.

Despite the overwhelming need, remember: every drop counts.

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