Urgent Appeal

Palestine Appeal

The Situation

Intense aggression has been unleashed upon the Gaza Strip, resulting in devastating consequences.

On Tuesday, May 9, Israeli airstrikes caused the loss of 33 lives, with 111 people, mostly women and children, sustaining injuries.

Residential areas in Gaza have been targeted, with over 50 bombs causing destruction and suffering. The raids persist, posing an increasing risk to more lives and perpetuating the distressing situation in Gaza.

How IDRF is helping?

In response to the dire circumstances in Palestine, IDRF is actively engaged in providing assistance and relief. Our team is on the ground, working to ensure that the affected individuals have access to essential resources.

By donating, you can play a crucial role in delivering life-saving aid to those affected by this ongoing conflict. Join us in our efforts to bring relief to the people of Palestine by making a donation today.

Throughout the year, we are continuously:

  • Providing Gaza with emergency medical aid to the Al-Shifa and Al- Hayfa Hospitals including critical medication and equipment.
  • Distributing food parcels, clothing and food vouchers to affected families. Food supplies will be enough for one month and clothing for the entire family.
  • Trucking water to families in Gaza.

  • Rehabilitating:
    • A trauma and education centre to become a permanent space for vulnerable children needing psychological support. Through this project, we will assisting almost 15,300 children annually.
    • Damaged residential homes. Rehabilitation will include renovation of 70 homes (windows, doors, painting, tiling, plastering, kitchen cabinets), and complete reconstruction of 50 homes.
    • Partially damaged schools.
    • Partially and totally damaged businesses to help them return back to work.
    • Damaged agricultural property and land.


Emergency Medical Aid

(includes first aid, medical supplies, equipment, and medications)


Food Packages

(includes enough food staples for a month)