Gaza Appeal

Gaza Appeal

The Situation

Attacks continue in Gaza. In the last couple of days, hundreds have been injured and a confirmed 15 people killed, including a 5-year-old-girl.

This has caused severe damage to 650 residential apartments and critical infrastructures such as hospitals, educational centres, and power plants.

Our local team on the ground has visited local hospitals and homes and provided us with live updates on the situation.

How is IDRF helping

We have conducted a needs assessment at the local hospitals and affected homes for which we are responding and providing immediate aid to cover the cost of medical support and provide food to needy families.

IDRF will continue to monitor the situation and continue to keep everyone updated on the situation in Gaza city as it unfolds.


Medical and food supplies


How are we getting materials into Gaza right now despite blockades?


IDRF has been working in Palestine for years. We have established partnerships with grassroots organizations in Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem. From our offices there, we have built a reliable network of approved, local suppliers for humanitarian goods. This means our food and medical supplies are procured and stored within the territories, and our team is able to bring in essential goods from outside during times of shortage and around blockades. This allows us to deliver items quickly to meet immediate needs.

How are you able to get funds there so quickly?


IDRF has been implementing sustainable development programs in Gaza for over 10 years. These programs include food, water, education, healthcare, agriculture, and psychosocial support programs. In times of emergency, like now, we immediately allocate general donations we’ve received for Palestine and from non-emergency programs to be diverted for emergency needs.

Secondly, because of our long-standing relationships and ongoing work, we are able to directly transfer the donations we receive to the bank account of our teams over there. There is no intermediary organizational body or political group that handles these funds, takes from those donations, or can direct them in any way. Once received, the staff and volunteers of our partner office work tirelessly to quickly and efficiently deliver support and supplies.

Where are you providing aid?


We work on the ground throughout Gaza. As a part of our emergency response, we distribute water, food packs and food vouchers to affected families, along with medical aid and supplies to Al-Shifa and Al-Hayfa hospitals. Assessments for home rebuilding and home reconstruction are to follow.