Palestine Appeal

Hundreds of Palestinians have been killed, and thousands have been injured, with near irreparable mental trauma as a result of aggressions. IDRF is there, repairing and rebuilding the tragic situation in Palestine.

Palestine Appeal

Hundreds of Palestinians have been killed, and thousands have been injured, with near irreparable mental trauma as a result of aggressions. IDRF is there, repairing and rebuilding the tragic situation in Palestine.

The Situation in Gaza

After decades of violence and human rights violations, Palestinians in Gaza continue to go through immense hardships. The economy has been damaged substantially by political instability and constant violence. Blockades cause chaos and psychological stress on a daily basis. 

Palestinians in Gaza are starting to recover from the airstrikes and aggressions towards the city. More than 1044 residential houses, 5 towers, 36 libraries, 21 medical clinics, masjids, factories and stores have been completely destroyed, and more than 7000 residential department stores have been damaged. 

How IDRF is helping

Through your support, IDRF’s field teams are:

  • Providing Gaza with emergency medical aid to the Al-Shifa and Al- Hayfa Hospitals including critical medication and equipment.
  • Distributing food parcels, clothing and food vouchers to affected families. Food supplies will be enough for one month and clothing for the entire family.
  • Trucking water to families in Gaza.

Food Packs

Food Vouchers

Medical Aid

Water Aid

Clothing Aid

  • Rehabilitating:
    • A trauma and education centre to become a permanent space for vulnerable children needing psychological support. Through this project, we will assisting almost 15,300 children annually.
    • 120 damaged residential homes. Rehabilitation will include renovation of 70 homes (windows, doors, painting, tiling, plastering, kitchen cabinets, and complete reconstruction of 50 homes.
    • 2 partially damaged schools.
    • 9 partially and totally damaged businesses to help them return back to work.
    • 92 dunams of damaged agricultural property and land following recent bombardments.

Rehabilitating Schools

Psychosocial support

Education Centres

Trauma Centres



100% of your donation will go towards helping rebuild Palestinian lives. 

Maximize your impact with 0% admin fees. 


How are we getting materials into Gaza right now despite blockades?

IDRF has been working in Palestine for years. We have established partnerships with grassroots organizations in Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem. From our offices there, we have built a reliable network of approved, local suppliers for humanitarian goods. This means our food and medical supplies are procured and stored within the territories, and our team is able to bring in essential goods from outside during times of shortage and around blockades. This allows us to deliver items quickly to meet immediate needs.

How are you able to get funds there so quickly?

IDRF has been implementing sustainable development programs in Gaza for over 10 years. These programs include food, water, education, healthcare, agriculture, and psychosocial support programs. In times of emergency, like now, we immediately allocate general donations we’ve received for Palestine and from non-emergency programs to be diverted for emergency needs.

Secondly, because of our long-standing relationships and ongoing work, we are able to directly transfer the donations we receive to the bank account of our teams over there. There is no intermediary organizational body or political group that handles these funds, takes from those donations, or can direct them in any way. Once received, the staff and volunteers of our partner office work tirelessly to quickly and efficiently deliver support and supplies. 

Where are you providing aid?

We are working on the ground in both Gaza and in East Jerusalem. As a part of our emergency response, we are distributing water, food packs and food vouchers to Gazan families, along with medical aid and supplies to Al-Shifa and Al-Hayfa hospitals. Rebuilding and home reconstruction are to follow, insha Allah. Meanwhile, we are also providing medical aid to front-line responders and the Al-Makassed Hospital who are treating those recently injured, including serious injuries that require substantive care.

Are you taking admin fees?

We are not taking any administrative expenses at any point for donations to this cause. 100% of your donations are being allocated to Palestinian Emergency Relief. How? Since we have long-standing and established programs in Gaza, any costs that would otherwise be needed to carry out these efforts are already covered within the existing programs.